About Us

Founded in 1950 and incorporated in 1982, Mahaffey Enterprises Inc has been recognized as a top Excavating Contractor in Kennewick since 2000. We've provided clients with a wide range of excavation services. Whether you’re looking to develop a whole new space or add some rock to your yard, we're happy to help you achieve the results you seek. Contact us today to find out more.

Helping to build the Tri-Cities for over 70 years

At Mahaffey Enterprises, we pride ourselves on the hard work we’ve done in the past, and the hard work we do every day.

We believe that construction never sleeps, especially in our corner of Washington State where the “Ever-Growing” Tri-Cities has been. Our part began in 1950 with Lincoln Mahaffey whose passion took him farther then any 9 to 5 job ever could. Building upon the deepening roots of the Tri-Cities, Mahaffey Enterprises stands strong today as an incorporated company since1982. Mahaffey Enterprises has been a place of growth for both the company and the surrounding cities it serves.

With over 70 years of experience we have prided ourselves in the ability to do our work exceptionally and create an environment where family, friends and a community can work together and build the unimaginable.

Three generations later, we are still standing as passionate and strong as we were day one. We look forward to the many years to come and the many years of growth in our beautiful community.